Welcome to Dovinia

Dovinia is a beautiful island in the tropics. its a fantactic paradise with the largest crime rate in the world


This country is a piece of Mexico that Jamacians stole


The GDP is 15.000 per person every year, (manly spent on weapons)

National AnthomEdit

the national anthom is.........

Oh, dovinia, we love you, the violence you contan. You are the best, your crazy and insane. you might get shoot, you might get stabed, you might just lose your mind, you might be liked, you might be hated, true violence true and free. hatered keep our land skabby and bloody.O Dovinia we stand on guard for the, O Dovinia we stand on guard for the.


The HDI score is 10.433%. The life expectancy is you will live till 20. The litaray rate is 0.0001% beacuse no one gos to school.


The population of Dovinia is 300. it was 500 in 2009 but since it has such a high crime rate the population is going down daily.


The economy is simply, theres no raceism or sexestnesst so everyone get's equal pay in each job. the main industrys are in primary (40%) because there is alot of ore found in Dovinia. ore is turned into metal plates and sheets. in the secondary industys (20%) the sheets and plates are turned into a sorts of guns (M 14, pistols, ect.) . in the thirdary industrys guns are sold at low low prices.


In Dovinia we speak English (slang tremanology). if you don't speak in slang they'll call you a pritty boy and shoot you. other languages are not exepted hear. the people here only like there own kind (Black).


The climate is worm and sunny most of the year, very simaliar to jamaica


The law in Dovinia is very simple don't be nice, ya get caught ya get shot. there is a high crime rate. if you live here, value your life, and want to stay alive simple don't be seen or heared and your safe

Latest activityEdit

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